Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Two souls, in unison - of marriage.

Fight a person. Through his punch, you would know his frustrations. Through his kick, you would feel his anger.

Dance with a person. Her firm hands, shows her trust. Her proximity, shows her security.

Swim with a person. How he strokes, depicts his discipline. How he breathes, exhibits his confidence.

Art, is a form of expression.

If you know the art well, sometimes, you will be able to feel the other person, who acts with you.

And sometimes, the unison comes, after a while being distinctive and different. Like violin and piano, started off differently, at different notes and keys. After a while, at the most beautiful scene of a song, these wonderful sounds come into unison, in harmony, to express the most wonderful melody, bringing the music to its peak, enchanting the audience.

Binary star
Two stars. Orbiting each other.

It's a wonderful love story. Both stars are born at different places, sometimes near sometimes far. Sometimes they are born in the same neighborhood. They develop their characteristics differently. Different hotness, different light, different size. The only word to describe both of them is different. Wonderfully different.

Yet. It is fate. By sliding through gravitational pull causes by dark matter, large bodies, and neighborhoods of galaxy, they find their way to each other. Interestingly, they aren't attracted solely because of themselves alone. Gravitational capture between two single stars is very rare. Most of the union, assisted by many parties. As people say, big things always need helping hands. So does the formation of binary stars.

Even more beautiful, some lights in recent observations supports the theory that binary stars are already formed during star formation. It's like, you are fated to meet your partner, from the moment you are born.

They grow, develop and mature. Sometimes they meet and orbiting for a while, and then go different way. Sometimes they meet, and be together until one of them explodes. Sometimes they meet, and one feeds the partner with masses and energy and keep orbiting until they die. Sometimes they meet, orbit, new star comes, there goes your three-body problem. The outcome from the calculation of the problem, eventually, one star will be ejected from the system and two stars remain stable. Sometimes they meet, and they will die together, wither away. I love this version more. Looks like a happy ending.

It sounds serious. You do need a commitment to maintain such wonderful relationship, even binary stars would understand.

And that's a good thing about stars. They are beautiful.

When I was in DQ, I loved to read books. At that time, I was somehow crazy about cryptography. And you can blame Dan Brown's Digital Fortress for this. I looked up for codes, cipher and puzzles. And I managed to learn a thing or two.

A girl I liked one day wanted to borrow my book. Out of boredom, naughtiness and curiosity, plus pride to challenge whether she was smart enough to solve the code, I wrote a code at the front page of the book she borrowed. My intention initially was to challenge her. Either I was too dumb or she was too smart.


Clue is at the bottom of this page.

And the girl, she solved it! And I will be marrying her. :) 

I'm getting married. With my 'gadis pilihan'. My prayer, so that she too, is Allah's choice for me.

We knew each other when we were primary school. Then we went to separate secondary school. I was in Selangor, she was in Johor. And somehow, as the stars, we were fated to meet again in Darul Quran, and were fated to be my partner in a bureau. Academic bureau of IQRAC. Where I was the secretary and she was the vice-secretary.

After few bumps in life, on 1 May 2014, I came to her naqibah's house on invitation. Ta'aruf.

I had never been so shy, my face was so red, and that was the only moment I felt that shameful. What would you do when her naqibah and the husband left me with the girl I like to talk and get to know each other? Of course I felt embarrassed.

Of course I knew her, about her, her families, more than anyone could imagine. On limit. 'Merisik' bak kata orang Melayu.

So, we continued our taaruf on emails. Our vision, mission, aim in life, financial paradigm, career, and many more.

And we decided to get married. :)

So, here we are.

Therefore, I wish to invite fellow readers to pray for us, and if available, come to our wedding. 19th March 2015.

May we live in unison, orbiting each other with love and passion, living in redha of Allah, aiming for His blessings in our life, and here-after.

May we be the stars that shine upon others. 

Your future truly, Asif.

Mail or text me - and 0132724207 if you want card invitation.

Our wedding will be held in Kelantan.

Clue = fhvdudq
D_n(x) = (x - n) \mod {26}.
Where x = 3.
Happy solving! 

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